Building cities with living structures

Respyre's combination of a bioreceptive concrete cladding and a specialised moss gel makes it easy to create green facades. This circular concrete mixture makes any facade receptive to natural moss growth. In addition, the moss gel allows for the moss growth to be controlled and quick, allowing freedom and flexibility within nature-inclusive city design.

Technology explained

Why moss?


Asked Questions

Why is this form of concrete considered
Does moss die in drought?
Can the concrete break down
because of the moss?
How does moss react in harsher
Are the moss walls already available
for purchase?

How it works

Moss layer

All of this will result in a beautiful layer of moss, creating a city that breathes.


Instead of roots, mosses have rhizoids; tiny hairs with which they anchor themselves to a surface.

Bio-enhancing gel

The bio-gel allows moss spores to attach to the surface while providing them with nutrients, water, and shelter.

Bioreceptive concrete

A sustainable concrete with enhanced porosity and a textured surface to create to optimal environment for mosses.

Constructive element

The carrying, underlying structure to which the concrete layer can be applied.