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Respyre nominated as one of the finalists for ASN Bank Wereldprijs!

Besides the great progress in the greenhouse, regarding the development of our panels, we are also delighted to share with you that we have made it into the finals of the ASN Bank Wereldprijs!

In the final round, after we successfully pitched our vision to the jury, we compete with 5 other amazing ventures, all aiming to solve sustainability issues in our daily life like the waste of food and materials.

If you would like to support our cause, please cast your vote here!

Respyre Empowers Cities to Breathe

At Respyre we help cities integrate nature into their surroundings in a simple, cost-effective and elegant manner. Integrating nature into cities is the solution to many challenges cities currently face. Our solution tackles urban problems such as, air- and noise pollution and relieves the city of other stresses in order to improve the well-being of the urban environment and its inhabitants. 

We have developed a concrete and a concrete plaster that accommodates the growth of moss on its surface. With the bioreceptive concrete, Respyre turns any unused surface into an opportunity to bring vegetation into the urban environment.

Any surface covered in moss, small or large, becomes an autonomous and natural respiratory system for the city. A system that is committed to the natural cycle of resources and the sustainablity of the environment. With this, Respyre empowers cities to breathe.

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Power of Moss

The unique characteristics of moss make it incredibly suited for green façades. With rhizoids instead of roots moss is non-invasive to the façade and with its dense leaf system it provides many wonderful benefits to the urban environment.

Contaminant reduction:
Moss converts CO2 to oxygen and absorbs and removes other pollutants such as PM10, VOCs, NOx, and NH3, from water and air.

Water retention:
Moss can absorb and retain large amounts of water in its leaf system.

Through evapotranspiration and shielding of the surface from sunlight moss attributes to cooling of the structure.

Moss increases local biodiversity by providing habitat for vital fauna on otherwise bare concrete surfaces.

Noise reduction:
With its dense leaf system moss captures sound and reduces noise pollution.

Aesthetically pleasing:
Coordinated moss growth turns bare concrete structures into  beautiful sights.

Biomass production:
Moss produces biomass which is a suitable renewable resource for other products.

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Respyre is a TU Delft spin-off focusing on the valorisation of a unique scientific cross-over between material science and biology.

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