We start building our growing facilities!

We start building our growing facilities!

Respyre is scaling up!

12 Jan 2022

About three years ago we started out by asking FloraPlus BV for 16m2 to test our materials. Thanks to Ron Hooyman and Nicolette Hooyman we were able to start working there for free. Not long after we started renting a little bit more space and the 16m2 turned into 200m2 (mostly because we underestimated the amount of space needed).And now, three years into our journey, we are upscaling to 800m2 of growing facilities for our moss. The construction has just started and is completed in April this year.This has been made possible by, among others, the financial support of Innovation fund Noord-Holland (INH) and NWO. If you want to know more about INH and NWO check out our socials or mailing list at the bottom of our website!

Partners that helps us

  • FloraPlus BV