Marketing specialist internship

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Respyre is seeking a highly motivated Marketing Intern to drive the marketing efforts for our first product launch - bioreceptive concrete. As a marketing student, you will play a crucial role in promoting our concrete product independently, laying the foundation for our future vertical green wall solutions.

About the position:

As a Marketing Intern, your primary focus will be on developing and implementing effective marketing strategies to promote our bioreceptive concrete. This innovative product has been carefully designed to be a key component in our sustainable urban solutions. Your work will revolve around leveraging social media marketing, SEO, and other digital marketing tactics to reach and engage our target audience.

Key Responsibilities:

Create and execute marketing campaigns to raise awareness and generate interest in our concrete product.
Utilize social media platforms to showcase the benefits of our product and engage potential customers.
Optimize website content and conduct SEO to improve our online visibility and ranking.
Collaborate with the design team to create visually appealing marketing materials.
Monitor and analyze marketing campaign performance, providing insights for continuous improvement.

Must haves

Currently pursuing a degree in marketing, digital marketing, or a related field. (HBO or WO)
Demonstrated knowledge in social media marketing and digital advertising.
Strong written and verbal communication skills to create compelling marketing content.
Creative mindset and a passion for sustainability and urban design.
Ability to work independently and drive marketing initiatives.

Nice to haves

  • Familiarity with SEO practices and website optimization.
  • Previous experience with social media management tools.
  • Knowledge of marketing analytics tools to measure campaign performance.

Why join Respyre

By working on the marketing efforts for our first product launch, you will have a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on sustainable urban design and contribute to reshaping urban landscapes with nature's touch. As a marketing student at Respyre you'll be part of a passionate team dedicated to creating a greener and more sustainable future for cities.

Want to apply?

Please send fill in your motivation and CV by completing our contact form.
Meerlandenweg 40 1187 ZR Amstelveen
Meerlandenweg 40 1187 ZR Amstelveen