Materials Science internship

Innovations in bioreceptive concrete
Company: Respyre B.V.
Location: Meerlandenweg 40, 1187ZR, Amstelveen
Duration: 6 months

About the company

Respyre operates in the field of nature-inclusive building, with a focus on sustainability and innovation. Our unique product, moss concrete, is a testament to our commitment to environmentally friendly construction solutions. As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our products, we are currently focusing on optimizing our moss gel coating.

Job description

At Respyre B.V., we are working on the development of innovative and sustainable building materials. For this internship, we are seeking a Material Science student to join our team in researching and developing improvements in our bioreceptive concrete.

What will you do?

  • Analyze the CO2 absorption capacity of different concrete mixes and moss species.
  • Test moss adhesion on various surfaces to identify optimal combinations.
  • Develop an improved concrete mixture that is easier to apply and simultaneously environmentally friendly.

Job requirements

  • HBO/WO student in the field of Materials Science or similar studies.
  • Strong analytical skills and a passion for sustainable materials.
  • Independence and teamwork skills.

What we offer

  • An opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking developments in sustainable building materials.
  • Personal guidance from experts in the field.
  • A stimulating work environment and a competitive internship allowance.

Want to apply?

Please send fill in your motivation and CV by completing our contact form.