Biology research internship

Research on growth conditions of moss
Company: Respyre B.V.
Location: Meerlandenweg 40, 1187ZR, Amstelveen
Duration: 6 months

About the company

Respyre aims to make nature-inclusive building easy and accessible in urban environments. We achieve this through our innovative invention: moss concrete. Moss concrete is a unique concrete recipe that serves as a growth substrate for various moss species, forming the basis of our groundbreaking approach to sustainable construction. With this material, we reintroduce nature into urban landscapes, combining innovation and sustainability.

Job discription

Respyre, an innovative company that aims to make nature-inclusive building possible, is looking for a motivated HBO Biology student for a challenging internship. You will conduct research on the optimal growth conditions for different moss species that can be used in our unique moss concrete products.

What will you do?

  • Conduct extensive research on factors influencing moss growth, such as light, humidity, temperature, and nutrients.
  • Analyze data to determine the optimal growth conditions for different moss species.
  • Make recommendations for the selection of moss species, focusing on optimal growth rates throughout the year.

Job requirements

  • HBO student in the field of Biology or a similar study.
  • Strong analytical skills and a practical mindset.
  • Good communication skills in both Dutch and English.

What we offer

  • A learning-intensive and challenging internship in a dynamic work environment.
  • Professional guidance and room for personal development.
  • An opportunity to contribute to sustainable and innovative construction solutions.
  • An internship allowance including a travel expense reimbursement.

Want to apply?

Please send fill in your motivation and CV by completing our contact form.