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Noise Bariers

Utilise mosses for sustainable noise barrier design with low maintanence.

VertiScape prefabricated facade panels:

  • Multiple sizes and surface structures possible.
  • LCA is under development.
  • We work together with manufacturers with enormous capacity, that is why we can currently only accept projects starting from 200 square meters.

Let's look into your project together with the following steps:

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  • A 20-minute meeting will be planned with you to request further information if necessary.
  • A non-binding action plan will be created and sent to you within three weeks.

Noise Barriers

Concrete panels have become a widely recognized solution for noise mitigation, serving as effective noise barriers in various environments. These barriers are constructed from high-density concrete, which has excellent sound-absorbing qualities, making it an ideal material for reducing noise pollution. The mass of concrete effectively blocks sound waves, preventing them from penetrating through the barrier, thus significantly lowering noise levels on the opposite side. This characteristic makes concrete panels particularly suitable for use in densely populated urban areas, alongside highways, around industrial sites, and near railways, where noise reduction is crucial for improving the quality of life for residents and workers.

Why moss on noise barriers?

Integrating moss concrete into these noise barriers transforms them into living noise barriers, offering additional environmental and aesthetic benefits. Moss concrete, which embeds living moss into the surface of concrete panels, not only retains the sound-absorbing and durable characteristics of traditional concrete but also introduces greenery into urban and suburban settings. These living barriers contribute to air purification, as the moss absorbs pollutants and carbon dioxide, and they add a visually soothing element to the landscape. The inclusion of moss encourages biodiversity by providing habitats for insects and small birds. Living noise barriers made from moss concrete are particularly beneficial in areas where enhancing ecological value and aesthetic appeal is as important as noise reduction. This innovative approach marries functionality with sustainability, creating a harmonious balance between human-made structures and nature.

Suitability of moss covered noise barriers

One of the key advantages of using mossconcrete panels as noise barriers is their durability and low maintenance. The concrete is resistant to weathering, vandalism, and fire, ensuring that the barriers remain effective and in good condition for many years with minimal upkeep. Additionally, these panels can be precast in various textures, offering aesthetic flexibility to blend with or enhance the surrounding environment.

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