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Precast Concrete Cavity Walls

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VertiScape prefabricated facade panels:

  • Multiple sizes and surface structures possible.
  • LCA is under development.
  • We work together with manufacturers with enormous capacity, that is why we can currently only accept projects starting from 200 square meters.

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Precast Concrete Cavity Walls

Cavity walls consist of two separate walls with a space or "cavity" between them. This construction method is employed for its thermal and sound insulation properties. The cavity serves to prevent moisture from penetrating the inner living spaces, making it an excellent choice for exterior walls. Cavity walls are versatile and can be filled with insulation material to enhance energy efficiency further. They are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, serving as external walls that help maintain a comfortable indoor climate. Additionally, these walls can support various finishes, allowing for aesthetic flexibility in design. Cavity walls, therefore, offer a blend of functionality and adaptability, making them a popular choice in modern construction projects.


More about cavity walls

A cavity wall, also known as an Alvon wall, consists of two prefabricated concrete wall elements that are connected to each other using so-called lattice girders. After the double wall elements are assembled on the construction site, they are filled with concrete. This way, the fast assembly of prefabricated concrete is combined with the solid quality of a poured construction.

What are the advantages of cavity walls?

Cavity walls offer significant advantages in terms of flexibility, quality, and time savings. Thanks to the fully customized prefabricated concrete elements and the fact that no formwork is needed, a high construction speed can be achieved. The wall elements create a watertight connection and a smooth, high-quality end result. The smooth finish makes any final finishing (which can be started immediately) considerably easier.

For what applications are cavity walls suitable?

Cavity walls are used for a wide range of applications. These include the interior and exterior walls of basements and parking garages, stairwells, elevator shafts, retaining walls, facade walls, and residential partition walls. Additionally, cavity walls are suitable for tunnel walls, water reservoirs, and swimming pools.

Our range of cavity walls

Our partners offer a very comprehensive range of cavity walls. These can be supplied in various shell- and total wall thicknesses, with a maximum length of 10,000 mm. Regarding height, you are limited to 3,700 mm unless you choose to mount the panels vertically. If desired, Alvon walls can be delivered with the required cutouts and window openings.

Naturally, all Alvon walls produced by our partners are manufactured according to applicable standards and are provided with the necessary certifications.

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