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Precast Concrete Sandwich Panels

A wall panel constructed with an outer skin and a core of insulation material in between.

VertiScape prefabricated facade panels:

  • Multiple sizes and surface structures possible.
  • LCA is under development.
  • We work together with manufacturers with enormous capacity, that is why we can currently only accept projects starting from 200 square meters.

Let's look into your project together with the following steps:

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  • A 20-minute meeting will be planned with you to request further information if necessary.
  • A non-binding action plan will be created and sent to you within three weeks.

Sandwich Panels

A precast concrete sandwich facade system is a type of building envelope that consists of two layers of concrete separated by an insulating layer. These panels are manufactured off-site and then transported to the construction site for installation. The outer layer of concrete provides structural support and weather resistance, while the inner layer offers aesthetic appeal and additional structural support. The insulating layer between the concrete panels enhances the building's thermal efficiency, making this system particularly effective for energy conservation. Precast concrete sandwich facades are known for their strength, durability, thermal performance, and quick installation times.Our precast concrete sandwich panels are provided with a VertiScape cladding.

More about sandwich panels

A sandwich panel, also known as a sandwich plate or concrete panel, is a wall panel constructed with an outer skin and a core of insulation material in between. This is where the inspiration for the name comes from; the two outer layers 'sandwich' the insulation layer. Walls made of sandwich panels are ideal for various applications. At we Respyre we are pleased to introduce you to the possibilities.

What are the advantages of sandwich panels?

Sandwich panels are cost-effective, durable, and are the ideal solution for achieving a high insulation value, even when spanning large distances. They are perfect for quickly making a large building completely wind- and waterproof. Additionally, sandwich panels help to save weight. There is also a lot of aesthetic flexibility with these concrete panels, as they can be delivered in many sizes, colors, and finishes.

For what applications are sandwich panels suitable?

Sandwich panels are primarily used for cladding facades and roofs of various structures including commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, sheds, halls, barns, and public buildings. However, they are increasingly being used in residential construction as well; not only as facade panels but also as roof panels combined with solar panels. Sandwich panels are highly suitable for construction projects where sustainability, high insulation values, and short lead times are a high priority.

Our range of sandwich panels

Our partners offer two different types of concrete panels, the Frimeda type (stackable) and the Tralie type (non-stackable). Both types are available in various insulation values and surface structures. These sandwich panels are calculated according to EuroCode and suitable for applications as facade panels in commercial and industrial construction.

The Frimeda sandwich panels can be applied both horizontally and vertically; for vertical installation, panels are equipped with two extra lifting eyes on the head.

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